• Tuesday 16 July 09:46 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Charlotte Flossaut in Prada Pajamas, New York City, 1988,” originally shot for Vogue Italy, with styling by Freddie Leiba. The photo is also featured in Albert’s book “Kaos” (Taschen, 2017).

    3241 33
  • Monday 15 July 05:05 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Teyana Taylor, New York City, 2016,” originally shot for Paper magazine.

    2414 35
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  • Saturday 13 July 01:51 PM

    Albert Watson original contact sheet “Beijing Hilton, China, 1979.” Albert spent several hours atop the roof of the hotel taking shots. Swipe left to see one of the selections as a print.

    1378 14
  • Friday 12 July 05:00 PM

    Albert Watson original Polaroid “Casey the ‘Magic Monkey,’ New York City, 1992,” from Albert’s book “Kaos” (Taschen, 2017).

    760 11
  • Thursday 11 July 03:32 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Quentin Tarantino, New York City, 2004,” originally shot for Rolling Stone magazine.

    1786 26
  • Wednesday 10 July 04:39 PM

    Albert Watson original vintage gelatin silver print of “Keith Richards, New York City, 1989.” Albert still makes all of his own prints in his studio, as he’s been doing since the 1960s, and he is regarded as a master print maker, whether they’re silver or platinum prints, or more modern types, such as archival pigment prints. Esteemed art critic Francis Hodgson, writing a full page gallery review of Albert for the Financial Times of London, called the prints “astonishing.” (Swipe left to see a platinum version of the photo.)

    2209 48
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  • Tuesday 9 July 07:57 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Mountain & Blue Sky, outside Las Vegas, 2001,” from Albert’s series on Vegas “Strip Search.”

    554 7
  • Monday 8 July 03:29 PM

    Albert Watson original Polaroid “Golden Mask, Men’s Fashion Story, New York City, 1998,” from a shoot for Arena magazine, and also featured in Albert’s latest book “Kaos” (Taschen, 2017).

    775 6
  • Saturday 6 July 06:21 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Christy Turlington, New York City, 1990,” originally shot for Max magazine (Italy).

    3178 41
  • Friday 5 July 05:50 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Michaela Bercu in Gianfranco Ferre, Paris, 1989,” originally shot for Vogue Italy.

    1177 10
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  • Thursday 4 July 02:33 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “The American Flag, Gas Station, Polaris Avenue, Las Vegas, Fourth of July, 2000,” from Albert’s series on Vegas and featured in his book “Strip Search” (Abrams/Blackwell, 2011). Happy Independence Day from the Watson Studio!

    1427 18
  • Wednesday 3 July 03:56 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Diana Ross, New York City, 1992,” from Albert’s first book “Cyclops” (Bulfinch, 1994).

    1054 19
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